I regard to
The music I wrote
The philosophy I spun
The :: [#!archive missing]

Incomplete without your voice.

In the memory of my yesterday proof,
(I was in such hast, the impatience of youth),
I sketched a halo production that delivered no solution,
but it did yield a set of questions, a question, the question whose answer is realised now, later, in the future, calculated through your judicious watch.

2. Authored all right, but only by virtue of this marriage. So that all authorship was coordinated, plotted by your star. And chains of thought, possibilities of ontology, forms of speech, and realities themselves : inspired by your carnal intellect, your native ambition.

Because the animal drive is at the centre of godhood: why deny it? It’s our tenuous relationship to that most troubling of intersubjective paradoxes, the near ascension of the human body through sex and cash.


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