Virgin Sacrifice

A situation in which the “pure” virgin mind is “corrupted” by the materialist will into a darkness sublime.

It’s distinct from the shattering of the originary man into the atoms of material. It overrides religious teaching, the inferior of the woman to the man. It is the alignment of the feminine and masculine on a bi-vocal basis: so that 1) she becomes prophetic injection into the blood stream of the body, like a man 2) she straddles his cosmic cock, above him, in violation of biblical tradition, dominant “like a man”.

In religion she is called Esther when loved and Lilith when feared.

But in reality she’s “the consort” of “the dealer”, “the merchant”, “the hustler”. She arrived from a place, but is sacrificed in divine fana, obliterated by his cosmic cock, recreated in this new paradigm, sublime delegate of his power, so that the ignorant and powerless instinctively react to her as demonic.


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