– so what’s your story?

– well, during the day, I’m a mom. And at night, I suck cock.

– i’m studying child psychology.
– i’m a PA for a major multinational, but I prefer this.
– i’m adopted.
– i guess that means your ancestors were muslims.
– guess. if you get it right, you can fuck me.
– i’ve got a daughter. shared custody with my ex. he’s from here, not from there.
– huh, i hope he realises what he’s missing.
– these things happen. we both made mistakes.
– tell me. tell me the sordid truth.
– the truth is … it’s all so wonderful. i wake up every morning and think, this life is beautiful, life is amazing, it’s all so beautiful. even all this, even these mistakes, they’re beautiful. that’s the truth, don’t you think?
– i think i’m in love.
– baby, like that, yeah, let me taste it.
– i did him a big favor, got him out of trouble, you know, legal trouble, to do with his business. now i’m wondering if that’s why he’s returned.
– that’s not why he’s returned. he’s an asshole. sleazy, sneaky, introvert scum, i know because it’s like looking into the mirror. tell me the truth: you a good girl?
– i’m a good girl. i think you’re a good guy too.
– if you’re a good girl, stay the fuck away from that kind of person.

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