Curly haired iPad MacBook apple shop blogger cycle head trip. Intense intellect drumming down, ethnic collagen beat poet. Gourmet chef, knife’s edge, sucking up, it’s the boss. Beaten down, loss of faith, anxious lay fuck it up.

And he writes and he writes and he writes.

Sleezy man clever boy – garbage bag light post – asset service hedge fund teasing cock – conference call at 8.

– Going up. Staying here.

– Even better.

Fuck the man, courtless case. Performed my duty, touchdown, US, puritan, cellophane.

Miss the island, miss the freedom, beating drumbeat, and the slut word. My horizon we’ll fuck you up good, join the dots we’ll do you right babe.

Puritan rule, suffocate me dude, same bias, all in.

– Have a great night,

– You too.


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