oedipus disruption


oedipus/mother/father is a negative upper sephirotic trinity. speech about freedom — followed by the high religious messianic fantasy, spoken by chorus in sophocles.

disruption virus notes

the oedipus complex, the psychoanalytic complex, is as much a drama as the sophocles text, and vice versa. it’s the movements named by the complex that are significant: each movement a symbolic function that predicates the unfolding of human consciousness.

1) control. the mind is control. the father and mother are imaginary.

2) reading. control and the city — emerges/returns the priest/oracle function. the prophetic text is a disruption virus: the oracle injects a disruption virus into the mind’s textual stream.

3) paranoia of the text/complex. the prophecy/disruption virus is the complex itself: self-referenced. the agents within the complex therefore become gradually aware of their embedding within the complex, as the disruption virus unfolds. the prophecy/virus/complex itself is not some spiritual metaphor (e.g., that the city of consciousness needs to be cleansed of the ego-as-filth) — the complex is a confrontation/threat function, wherein the raw, physical, biological Real is faced.

(when i myself read religious prophecies, it irritated me that there were many prophecies that didn’t speak in abstract, general spiritual terms, but rather in very specific, individual, physical and personal modes, from the perspective of the prophet: god, not speaking about the nature of enlightenment, but instead speaking specifically about the prophet’s political or domestic problems, or about basic biological sexual/dietary/hygiene tips. i’d attempt to translate these into metaphors — existentials into universals. this is because the prophecy was really about one man’s body, not about humanity: this threatened me like the complex threatens, threatening me with the real, biological, pleasure/pain, shit-and-cum essence of things.)

in this way, the complex as a virus instigates a shift from the imaginary mother and father to the symbolic mother and father. note that these are tangible, but are not proxies for the Real mother and father.
the symbolic father and mother are not symbolic of their Real counterparts. they are symbols without referents, symbolic functions that predicate over symbology, not over Reality. the symbols written and recited by the performance of sophocles play, by the subject’s reading of freud’s text. yet their threat, as a disruption virus, is very much Real, and is felt as much by them as it is by the Reading Oedipus.

the text’s father/phallus is not the one who threatens as the archetype of patricide, but the text/complex-as-phallus is what threatens as
…. ah okay, i’ve lost my chain of thought. publish.


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