– (breathes in through teeth) she sucked my dick, man.

– she suck your dick?

– she suck my dick … (Lights cigarette) Cause you and me – huh – not like them. My uncle: phd in chemistry. My wife’s father: professor of computing. I understand: you about the real … The real, the Allah trip. Am I right? I’m right. Notta other guy. Him Iago. Eee. Ahh. Go. No trust im. No trust im, east end crook. Imma trust you.

You like perspective? I’m gratified man, I’m honored. Just give me a little. Just little.

– hey. Hey. I can’t leave you here unless you tell me your name.

– my name? I. Fuckin. Don’t. Know. Who. I. Am. Imma your slave, man your slave. Just tell me what to do.

Worms beneath my feet.


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