A few axioms

1. I exist in relation to love.

I love therefore I am certain. I fail at love and I am exiled from love. I return to love, uncertain of what return means. I am deadened by love, I am awoken by love.

There is nothing more achingly nuclear, more subversively revolutionary, more perplexingly miraculous than the three word performative utterance, incantation, shahada: I love you.

I love the truthful, bare naked exposure of love most of all. Because I love, truthfully, I love.

2. I fear falsehood most of all.

I fear falsehood in all things, particularly in this sentence – I am paranoid that, by the end of this sentence, a falsehood will be stated.

In relation to love, lies are dangerous. Everyone knows this. They consider lies as a kind of sin against love. But there is no such thing as sin. It’s just that true love is the truth whose nature abhors the vacuum of falsehood.

I fear the falsehood within myself most of all, particularly when I am at my most religious.

3. I am religious.

I possess a religious vocabulary. I apply it, subconsciously, day to day.

Religion is the natural pursuit of truth, intermixed with symbology and our baser desires for power.

4. I engage in the struggle

I engage in the struggle. I subsist, struggling, within the age of reason: loving, fearful, religious.

There is no life coaching to be had from me on this: you engage or not.

5. The miraculous is the key suppressed term, the miraculous under love.


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