there lived a man


there lived a man, a man who came into the kingdom from the desert wastes,
he possessed intelligence and power over number and sign,
he was known as the knight of the desert wastes,
and was successful in his endeavors,
and so was blessed by god to ascend to the king’s throne,
for he took the queen, the celestial queen, as his companion,
and was granted dominion over this kingdom, and was blessed by god
so by power over number and sign, renewed the city,
by power over number and sign, constructed a new castle,
whose heart was the new temple, a grand temple to the god who had blessed him so

he was from the desert wastes, where love cannot exist,
but the secrets of number and sign are known,
the celestial queen revealed to him the meaning of love,
which was god, and the meaning of living water,
when he was an arid mind, of number and sign alone.
this became an equation for him: love is god,
with which he reinvested the state religion,
by power over number and sign, constructed a new castle,
whose heart was the new temple, a grand temple to the god who had blessed him so.

in their union they gave birth to two children:
belief and presence, who were beautiful like the queen.
and the king wrote many psalms, love songs, god songs,
for the kingdom, for the world: love for the world was in his heart,
as love for his castle was in his heart.
by power over number and sign, forged and bound now with the queen’s love, he penned a new book,
whose heart was the psalms of her goddess, paeans to her goddess, who had blessed then so.

the king, this former desert knight, became strong, but also greedy.
greed entered his heart. it began with an impatience, for
the realisation of the prophecy of the end of days:
he loved his kingdom, his books, his temple — willed that they
would not only reflect the supernal kingdom, book, temple above —
but that above and below would become one, fulfilling the prophecy of the end of days.
this was his greed: that time would become space, once again.

this prophecy could not be fulfilled unless the kingdom became an empire,
to span the western and northern lands. and so the king set about to war.


and so the kingdom became an empire.

the empire was won by campaigns fought by the companions of the king:
three chief companions served as generals.

the king deceived himself, thinking he had won a victory:
but he had not won a true victory, he had never won.
the people of the empire did not trust the king, this desert king,
he was a foreigner to them, and unwelcome.


the revolution came quickly and suddenly. the people of the empire, and of most of the kingdom
rebelled against the king, who they viewed as a despot, a tyrant, which he had become,
a despot and a tyrant.
joined by the barbarians of the northern and western lands,
they wrecked his castle, burnt his psalms, destroyed his temple.

he took his family, his celestial queen and their children, and retreated
to the fort of the last eastern city, the queen’s ancestral home.
this land was bound by an ancient secret, its name was security,
and so the royal family were safe.

ashamed, the king departed.
carrying tattered fragments of his psalms,
the broken tyrant took exile from the kingdom,
back to his desert home, back to his number and symbol,
he painted his face with mud and wandered in exile.


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