Dal Beyit

Yadal-boeth nam ya dal beyit

Yadal-boeth is the gateway to the enclosure-orb

Alieuahna sholei nam Huanam ex

Not all-grace dual is all-grace before

Noonis shoredai nam Huanam ex

Knowlede-correction strength is all-grace before

Hu vashta, hu dree-ai, hu nam Huanam ex

Source infinite, source flows down, source is all-grace before

Senistral shin kaf illiu-fana beyit

Circuit everything action destroy (god rests) enclosure-orb

Yadal-boeth nam ya dal beyit

Yaldaboeth is gateway to the enclosure-orb

Ra hu shin kaf nam eliuhuan sum

Praise source everything action is all-grace future

Ra sin Meem nam Alieuahna ohm

Praise everything-echo water-love not all-grace now

Noorashdat Allah nam devashriaf

Light-being of Allah is singing

Devatriam Allah nam shakti ex

Song into Allah is daughter before 

Hu vashta, hu dree-ai, aishraal nam Alieuahna sum

Source infinite, source flows down, air-world is not all-grace future 

Thanat egresis kaf sin borodrei-ai roam.

The face certainty action everything-echo oroboros down utterance/prouncement.

Sin kaf Meem ohm lagreihaal sri-ah

Everything-echo action of water-love now embrace/encompass thee

Sri eiha, t’raat norm nam noonal Gaia sum

You unity, the assembly ranks/plateaus/levels are knowledge-correction birth future 

Kaf laamyalid Meem ehad shva ehad

Action channel-transmit love-water unity over unity 

Dalet oorothiuna meem oorthrumit.

The gateway to completion water-love (over) completion


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