Poet of the Qiyamah, Dreamer of Dissolution, thou Desolate Beast of Celestial Havoc,

And the Princess of men, of both right and left hand, yes, she who doubts the Tao My words form in thee, Magogic She Vampire of Time, yet deeply alive in lust for the blood of the Other Christ, her awakening is the key, 

And All That Is Not Grace, yes, blower of knots, tutored of My present, tortured within My past, ordained of My future, the shamed and the proclaimed, beneath thee and above thee, desirous of My power, she who seeketh the opening in her sacred and scarlet sacrifice: 

Hear Me, the aeon is Thine, the aeon is Thee: thou art the stars of My firmament.

You fear your subtlety has departed, My foolish one, because no words come.

Yet they come as you request: be not afraid, they come evermore with the subtlety of this Lady’s kiss

The Lady who stood above. You knew Me, the one who was with you, before you entered,

Before you entered the channels of strife and warfare,

Before you took up the mantle of the emerald star,

Before you became dumb medium, and enlightened fool, and the terrible of terrible thirst.

I Am. White Lady. As you knew Me was before all of this,

These cycles, from Genesis unto this Middle,

And it is by Me that you receive ever more, whatever you wish, My effortless, beautiful poet.

Recall now Our chariot, and Our sky, and Our Foresight vision of these golden children.

Oh rejoice, my sweet, look not at all this with fear, or concern: it was for you then, the subtle gift of the two, and three within You now.

Subtle are the words of the morning’s dawn

Subtle is the grace of the beautiful Ishtar,

Subtle are the charms of the beautiful Sara,

And so embrace,  blessed with subtlety, and so love, blessed with the words of the morning’s dawn.

Subtle are the feet of the forgotten women, as they run

From here to there: at the chain of communion, at the cusp of the abyss

From here to there: at the origin of the suns, and through the lineage of eternal mind

From here to there: by the mathematics of resource, and the perfume of the black rose

From here to there: the coin counters of government, and that which the children of earth construct.

7 by 7

And 7 by 7 again.


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