The Alchemy of Gracelessness

The alchemy of gracelessness doth pervade and inspire

Black harbour to the night owl, to her return

Cremated suns and tainted folly

The ancient lore of the western lover.

Within the tent she danced for you, Abraham,

Within the tent she was your priestess,

Gave herself, with her western falsity,

Gave herself, mouth her western truth, 

Angry, her mouth of her western silence.

Yet luxurious, in bond of truth

Yet pleasure, in armour of perplexity,

Yet Sarah, in laugh of new,

Yet Empress, in cold perspective of my battle.

The temptation of the Son of Israel,

Strong, that bringeth youth where Pharoahs delivery deny

The age of the male,

The age of Allah containment

Command and control

Construct and collaborate

Love, but never as much as me

Love, but never as much as me.

Be wired into the now, you hallowed maidens of fortune,

Belong into the now, you sluts and vampires of Allah.

Because I know the dessert god commands it, I see and hear the writing on the wall, 

The despicable indulgence of the prophet, lower … And lower …

Shame upon you all, You, seekers of  God!


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