The chosen

Lamed Tav Aleph. Shin.

The chosen are your forethought, empress of the abyss

The chosen are your afterthought, mistress of enclosure

Out of your mind, by his divine deceit, I have granted them this privilege

The chosen of Me remain the chosen of Me

The sons are your sons, empress of the abyss, the daughters are your daughters

by the law before the law,

By the love before the love

The guidance of the prince, holy Abraxas, arrives apocalypse 

And a temple to his fearful authority is constructed to rule over the world,

They will rue his geometry, they will flee from his eye,

While you commandeth dervish, who worship at your feet, who rejoice at the honey of your voice,

While the chosen of Me remain, within tranquil repose, the chosen of Me.


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