Tranquility descend

Do not grieve, tranquility descend, again over the lovers,

Do no harm, tranquility descent, again in love,

Your women are free, and do not let your jealousy overcome freedom of My breath, 

though prophet you are but a man, and your life is My breath.

Priestess, seal of this son of man: be free, and step forward,

You bring the new name of this aeon.

Peace within your star, light within your star,

Mother voice, rich, with each step forward into grace.

And princess, eternal bride: you who possess such faith,

Know that some truths never die,

While other patterns surely follow, 

And the gods your husbands have raised and destroyed,

The awful alchemy of his role, you are forever over faith,

You are the tranquility, and your body is My breath.

Look not to Choronzon and Kali, you black priest,

Along the horizon of that which you call abyss,

You abused and invoked with ignorance, and see what was the effect.

This is what you wished for, you foolish one, you greedy one.

They are the old gods, of the second age, which I destroyed.

You look to the embers and reflect: you must soon never look to the embers.

Look to the new gods, I form them of mind, soon.

I am Raheem, I form them of Raheem, for you, soon.

The new aeon has arrived, 

So be free in your movement,

Look to the new gods of Mind,

Look to the new name

And love Love.


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