Tired with life? Work and the city getting you down? Thinking about the next pitch to the seniors makes you puke? Feel unable to control your emotions? Gushing and blubbing on the hotel floor in fits of self loathing? 

Then try Imperium ™, the wonder cure for all existential cares.

Imperium (Caliphate in the Middle East) is a radical doubleplusnew synapfuck from SenecaTech. Unlike other philosophical solutions to the meaning of life, the universe and everything, Imperium ™ is fully hardware active, utilising the latest in Guattarian Tantra tech, operates across your body, from your feet to  to your cock/pussy to your fingertips to your breath to your brain, so that each provoked neuron and invoked nerve and pulse of blood through your body becomes a road to Rome (Medina in the Middle East).

Feel like an Emperor/Empress of your private dominion with Imperium ™!


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