I’m a naughty boy …

Hey Emmanuel,
This is Daniel and I spoke with you near St Pauls last Friday with my fiance Marie. Hope you are well.
It was nice talking with you and I hope you’ve been thinking about some of the things we discussed. 
Would you like to meet up again sometime, maybe after work to talk more? 
Also, I did a bit of youtubing and googling on the “truth movement” which I think was what you were referring to when I spoke to you? (let me know if I’m wrong). It’s not something I haven’t heard before and like I mentioned to you on Friday, its certainly within the biblical narrative that the government could be involved in heinous and horrific things whether outwardly or secretly – especially with all the advanced technology we have. However, the one thing I do know for sure is how everything ends – God wins. All I’m called to do is follow Jesus – seek the kingdom God, and everything else will fall into place. If the illuminati are planning something, we can rest assure that if you’re trust is in God through Christ, the outcome will always be – you win.


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