Love 2

2. Love’s fall

The discourse of love begins with Plato. The suppression of the term love begins with this initiatory moment. From which is born a bio-semiotic virus, enabled by the suppressed term. A virus that itself, in time, evolves a stealth strategy for conquest of bodies via theological assemblage. So while we say that love’s encapsulation is necessary to the Cartesian subject’s emergence, it is important to understand that the discourse of love evades the subject through the stealth strategy of theological crucifixion, and hence global control.

Prior to the psychoanalytic turn, the philosophy of love is a moral discourse. It begins as a moral discourse within the Platonic genesis. And as a moral discourse, it thrives therefore, like a vine or weed, surviving and feeding upon the emergence of the body of Christian theology. 

The genius and poetic strength of the Platonic genesis lies, as with all discourse, in the suppression of a primordial progenitor, love itself. Moral love comes into being at the expense of a suppressed love. But Platonic love is no mere religious law, it is a sophisticated sign regime: we might preferably deem it a semiotics of love, or better still, a bio-semiotic force that rose to power through adopting a Judeo-Christian guise, enabling it to feed on captivated bodies and cultures. That to this day retains a global control, regulating bodies and relationships, regulating families, generations, though Christian law withers across Europe (we leave the American turn for the moment). 

At the Alexandrian synergy, Greek semiosis laid its parasitic eggs within Judaic law, and was then carried by their imperial masters imperative into a global imperium outlive Rome, still going strong to this day. The result evades philosophy of bodies, and (Messianically) transmutes from symposium into a total symbolic re-definition of the body.

This is the origin of the biblical fall, the shame of Adam and Eve: their shame’s origin, as we know it, stems from this viral infiltration of Middle Eastern law by the Platonic bio-semiotic machine. Prior to this conquest, the law was law and bodies were bodies. The infiltration operated by intermingling sign and body, so that law’s gaze becomes absolute at even the cellular level. This is the origin of the modern God, the Christian god: law transmuted (mystically, Eucharist style) into bio-semiosis. Law made son of man. But the origin is not autonomous, its lineage is the stealth hallucination induced by the Platonic  inspectoid, eggs now hatching.


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