Love 3

3. Love’s reconstruction

And then there is the psychoanalytic turn, both our origin and our departure.

Our origin.

While the Platonic bio-semiotic machine is left to run its parallel course, philosophy as a discourse recognises in Freud the term of love. But the machine, absolutely, totally, globally messianic in its reach, has rendered any mystical recognition an impossible project. And so Freud begins from first principles and, utilising the clinical tropes of the Cartesian regime, reconstructs  love, primordial love, pre semiotic love, recognising it for what it is: a physical truth this exists a priori the cogito.

“I think therefore I am” presupposes an “I” which presupposes a mother I love and a father I will murder. The Oedipal fate is the symbolic function by which the Cogito is regulated, can come into being, by which theses and antitheses wriggle forth as Cartesian emanations from the deductive lamp, whose holy oil is tragedy, as the drama precedeeding the Platonic school. Drama is the text’s relationship to the shaman, if you’ll forgive the romantic fantasy, to an amoral wisdom, a presemiotic Titan groaning, entranced and engorged with thought, thought that precedes Olympian projects.

Freud takes the discourse of love back to what held primacy before philosophy. Drama. Mythopoetic … Almost a ritual, almost a dream. But scientifically put, precise and coordinated in the guise of an inductive theory. With his Mosaic fantasy, his profound meditation on the religiosity of his forbears, he corrects (Kabbalically) the errors of the Platonic Cain virus and the Abrahamic Abel, neutralising the “mark” of the bio-semiotic machine with the alien technology of the European Rennaissance’s unspoken vacancy, a vacancy so absent as to be present, a presence temporal foreign to the lie of genesis, the globalised religious discourse of love. Freud utilises a Cartesian vocabulary to reframe the primordial tragedy of love lost. True love lost. The psychoanalytic school calls it desire, libido, the suppressed and deferred.

And it is via the axes of suppression, deferral and tragedy that we can depart. And speak of love, for the first time in a long while.


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