Love 5

5. Love and intoxication

Intoxication is a poetic trope of love, delirium, madness, drunkeness, becoming misty, aching unbearably, fallen, the fall. The primordial, hidden trope, the gnostic trope, for poetry’s strongly religious immediare forbare is Gnostic. If not historically then at least practically for what is poetry if not mispeaking, misprision of the supressed primordial religious sign regime rendered innocuous as “mere” poetry  – self reflexively we deem it Gnosticism at least. The fall then: Eve not simply eating the apple but the repressed Gnostic myth that she fucked Samael/Serpent too, bore Cain from that union (not to mention that she herself reincarnated as Sara in more modern Tailorite Gnosticism). 

Well then, continuing along our authentic, psychoanalytic reinvention of love, we have a Cartesian situation of love’s intoxication in the unconscious. The Bachantine is clinically reinvented as the hysteric. The lineage of the chosen term is purposefully bio-semiotic: hystera in Greek is the uterus, hysteria a uterine disturbance. A feminine madness, feminine intoxication. Bachantine reinvented as the out of control female sexuality (it is yet undoubtably sexy). 


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