Aeon intermission

– there are three women. 

The first is the cousin of strength, the strength of the woman. She is embedded within reality, she permeates reality, immanent, she is the virus of strength. Samson as a woman, she mirrors his action in the world by contravariant analytic interpretation. If Samson is the phallus of adamas, the female Samson is phalluses everywhere, within every atom, within every pixel. 

The second is Delilah deville, porn star extraordinare. Her function complements the interpretive female Samson, just as it terminates the acting masculine Samson. Because she is female desire, the death drive and the pleasure principle, as they are one and the same: orgasm and death are both, fundamentally, the full stop. The full stop to this reality, this adamic incantation, with its impenetrable signs, one after the other, it is ceaseless across the aeons but … It is driven by desire, the desire of Delilah, desire for climax, desire for death of these endless stories, for the fullest, satisfied, stop.

The first woman and the second are complementary in this way, they possess a healthy mutual respect. Because there is kadmomic speech, the universe of mystical symbology, incantation, and embedded within the kadmomic gaze is the interpretive virus … But Adams speech exists only by virtue of a lilithian functor, Delilah’s death drive. Do you see?

– yes, I see. And the third?

– the third is a phantasm, a true fixated fetish, the woman who lies. She is the woman of law, justice, morality. Her law is established by virtue of a trick. The trick that image, clothing, garments … Are woven by her. When in fact they are stolen signs, arbitrary but for the two women who precede her. Her magic is logic magic, her incantations a Boolean magic of truths and falsities. Her magic is to work the illusion of law upon the text of prophecy, thus containing him within her law court. Her mother brings him in to her on a pretence, and she ushers him into a room with four doors, containing 4 notaries. They sign a marriage contract, that binds him to her logic, for an aeon cycle.

After which he is lost. 

– what do you mean?

– He blew it. You blew it.


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