Capital: the end of history

We live at the end of history and capitalism. It’s been said before, but now it’s really happened.

The model totalitarian state is formed, let’s say for the sake of argument, with Egyptian civilisation. Let’s say it’s the reference architecture of states to come. It is firmly archaic and we have a firm grasp of its historical situation, its religious difference, which also helps if we are to utilise it as an alpha and omega of history and capital. A class of serfs, labouring under a god king. A theology of control, whereby the purpose of the serfs’ existence is to facilitate, through physical work, blood sweat and tears, the life of the god king. The primordial state’s control of the workers via religious regulation.

How exotic.

But the knowledge economy is the logical apotheosis of this paradigm. 

People think capitalism is materialism, consumption, individual self interest. These are red herrings. For the “individual” died several centuries ago: only the sign of the individual remains, situated within a far more barbaric, truly originary sign regime. It’s just another totem, another God in the pantheon: philosophers, as worker priests of the regime, are to blame for that construction, they are implicated as idol builders. The same can be said of the discourse of consumption and materialism: the discourse itself is another god in the pantheon of the god king. 

What drives the knowledge economy? Really drives it? A politics of piety, faith, adoration. A swarming, truly collective worship of the flesh of the god king, an authentic, sincere adoration and abnegation to his holy data flesh. The workers mud huts are filled with more stuff, there are the trappings of comfort, but these are incidental and orthogonal to the driver of the data serf. The data serf’s purpose is to abide within, to fight, to strive, to bleed and sweat and cry, to abide within the lifespan of the god king. 

The god king is the fungible CEO, the eternal company is his Pyramid. And what is a company if not a database? He’s gone, he’s replaced, he’s here, he’s alive. The knowledge serf abides within the data Pyramid, incarcerated and willingly, joyfully sacrificed within the body of his master. Because the instrument of our world is a Pyramid of data that has replaced the world that was and also the afterlife, and incarceration within is no longer about a journey into the future, it’s about abiding in the eternal now of this, our final incorporation.


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