Influence, while gained perhaps through a good idea, cannot be sustained by a cohesive or consistent agenda. Influence, as a means of long lasting control, must be built upon a shifting foundation of adaptability and opportunity.

Influence has no origin and no point, if it is to be sustainable. Influence should be a sensory organ, not a mental intent. Influence is known, not by frameworks or tallies or metrics of success (religiosity, corporate optimisation, scientific innovation) but by the influencing subject’s emotional, biochemical response to the input gained through the organ of its influence. It has influenced, therefore it feels pleasure. It fails to influence, therefore anxiety.

Is influence literary, as Bloom and Derrida and Foucault have framed it? Does it leave a trace? Their framing is global, historic and trace oriented. It deemphasizes the bodily, sensual nature of the influencing subject. We conjoin the Cognito and the sensual via influence. And thus we 1) internalise the inconsistent, chaotic trace semantics of lineage and render it fractally local within the monad of a reflectively replicated subject, and 2) take the Oedipal mode of strong influence, which requires consistency of preceding viewpoint in order to effect a literary patricide by the next, and spatialise it, de-temporalize it, across the Demiurgic grimace of the Real, understood now to be nothing more than the intrusion of the influencing agent’s body.

Influence is what constitutes the body of the manager. Without influence, the manager is deaf, dumb and blind. Successful influence keeps that body happy.

Is there a spiritual aspect to influence? It has no goal, no destination, no point to make. 

If there is a spiritual aspect, it is the possibility of an external world, a communicable world that disproves the solipsism of the influencing subject’s Cognito. It is the eternal Demiurgic genesis of a “creation” of an outside world, whenever the subject dares to utilise it’s sense organ of influence to … Influence, and thus perceive and affirm that universe does indeed exist and can be contacted. Which isn’t a hell of a lot, depending on your perspective.


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