Boogie Woogie Glamourpuss Drama Queen

Boogie boogie baby

Boogie don’t say maybe

You had a swift shock

Mental deadlock

Ideals they flip flop

Just don’t get caught

She was the boogie woogie fruity loopy drama queen 

The epitome glamorpuss star of the screen

She rolled into the town wanna do her own thing

Strictly hardcore tracks and not a new jack swing 

She looked both ways, to the left to the right

Ensure she had the gamey game locked down tight

Slippery sources reign within mental collective

Projective prey upon her sleepy selective

She talking bout soul, metaphorical angst

She a slave yet rank above the blankety banks

Stacking plenteuous papes, pimpin pay that rent

She’s the wicky wack winter of discontent

Can’t believe you said that!

Believe it babe I said that

You on some strange shit

Yeah I’m some strange shit

It’s the fourth round now church recognise 

Law’s a rhyme, a beat for an I 

Yeah I gotta put this story all up in your grill 

Bout this little man, if I can, pussy popped this pill

His name was cyborgWittgenstein 

A D escargot, damn dude drinking this wine

His head was like a wasp, taming tounge to your tale

As in life so in art he could not bail


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