The Eternal Art

A fat funky funky fruit with frenetical friction

Base rhyme so dope diabolical diction

Ground control to the c b w, there’s no other who

Could cut precision master flex

Simply the best

Setting the test

With mad fx

Wrecking the rest

Ruining the rest

Bring it on to the next

Fire fist form frozen freestyle pneumatic

Poetry pump curse cause low ride earth sea style

Do a line rhyme binding time now to deny

Shining beneath eternal bond into Z mind

Shrill augers hold the flag of destiny

Cry constantly your whole clue clan is a chain

And you’re to blame until I came

To unlock the door

Dragon did before

scientifically and mystically


You’re dead to me

Siren scream in the night done left and right

Now you think you possess?

No way you process!

Still I seen and still I been

On this journey like a dog bound to a cart:

You thought I was done with the eternal art?


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