More Hip-Hop Flava In Yo Ear from tha CBW God, Biyatch

It’s 2 in the morning
Mind unburdened
Calm the fuck down you gotta keep on earning
These days are desperate times call for desperate warnings
Shame you sucker man damned when you were born and
Gamed by hand in the face the dawn and
Like your record was like your darkness was like the fires of the night cause … Ritual burning

She walking out of here son
Oh fuck like a newborn I’m stumbling into speech, hon
Never said I was done gotta reach into the red reflection staring blackly back need a cigarette
Painted panthers champagne pound the place like raw and
Teach your tigers well lesson Luciferian
Blood upon your brow, the crown of thawns is showing
Losing inner peace, hell … I’m citalopraming

“Kiss my aura, Dora”

Oh my god and

“It’s real angora”

Oh my god and

“Do you wanna?”

Oh my god and

No life from me but letting life run through through me
Just keeping a clasp on my clerical oozy
There’s hundred dollar bills so corrupt so contained
Dudes so dense he don’t determine
No one told him The lights had changed
The age of reason is a poor path of pain
Wanna higher ground i just found that star spangled fruit fix …
Raise our fists in salute, bitch.


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