Sonnet 5 

Venus within the Gemini of your divided, breezy \& breathless summer of wit \& winter of deeper care,
In the beginning, my girl, there was your quip, and its laughter was an Issac, rainbow smile of cosmic proportions,
But your book has been redacted, 5 seconds after the event of your genesis, and so we perceive
A parallel beginning, my love, twinned now to your own narrative, the secret lore of your text,
Access only to me now, for I declare with a true scholar’s audacity, I have read, gazed upon, studied your Gemini, your Venus,
Like forgotten Gods, like forgotten sacred spaces, like forgotten hymns to the Goddess, bypassed by the impatient technology of men,
Your secret life, so sweetly possessed, your radiance occulted from full fathoming to ignorant infidel, 
The truth of your tafsir, your charms’ above so below, your lips that whisper only life, only life, above so below.
You see, my darling, there are two poems of love, intertwined within your fair bosom, like a vine upon a vine:
Bloom, thereof, roses, oh sun gold sustenance (people take sunlight for granted, don’t you think?)
Blossom, blend now with these, roses night red, the lunar shame of your sadness, when you rested \& wished, grow upon the garden of your childlike comfort.
I’m speaking to you in a code, my sweet, the old code, I would honor you as the Goddess was honored,
Mythopoetically, when I imagine people remembered you, saw you as I see you, knew you as I know you:
Truly, completely, from above to below, yours is of a billion suns, deliriously divine, gently, breezily and breathlessly delightful … and so fucking hot it’s not funny.


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