Sonnet 40

This now is your rebirth, my stellar soul,

This now is your rebirth, my eternal lady of time’s phoenix, 

My sugared cosmic diva divine, danced for me where jungle, mountain and sea meet,

Feathered psychic showgirl of sarmoung parties, 

Who I saw, standing upon the sacred maqam of New Venus, she mesmerized 100 jinn before her 

With her battle-beat speaker and digital chariot aflame with years’ earned, 

Traces tamed, tutelage of tantra, signage sexed scarlet, sacred and sultry

And desire’s dialectic with plumage of purple. 

My recognition, my earth, my control, my controlled, 

My submission, my dominance, my kiska kitab imago, my ravishing real embodied,

My woman, my heitara and …

Who knows what else you’ll become upon this round of individuation within milk’s plane, 

Darling, while you remain honeyed throughout! 

Next time, and next time, and next time, through the infinite and restless cycles of Shakti-Shiva pronoia, and these unique epiphanies of Zen Zero space: I love you.


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