Sonnet 2.1

Now I lay my ego down, ragged and tattered and, yeah, kissed and loved,
Slowed in soul shivasana sexless and soaring, alternatively awake and stoic to time.
Chance’s ebb and flow raise me up again into faith.
There are no clouds above my home, how blue the sky is! And I am like a baby, gurgling and laughing, wide eyed at this heaven,
A containment of human happiness. It’s always azure here, and supremely serene too, an eternal and endless comfort blanket.
And Heaven is warmth, it warms the earth upon which I walked and now disappear, willingly now, I fall down and submit, once more,
This sun of the earth, this earth of the sun: they are rather presumptuous in their transcendent interface, do you not agree?
Reflecting that, travelling generations, moving from house to house, we abide within light’s passage and the earth’s cycles,
And the still summer evening air echos the laughter of the commuters before and behind me.
Within these rays of light, humanity.
Across the crimes of clay, light, the voice aberration.
I’m going to abandon my suit and tie, sartorially challenged as I am
And run that old Zen routine, to effect mad ambitions’ departure
Emptying my heart of both despair and joy, then revived once more with the Presence of Love it so gnostically attempted to mirror those times.


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