The Trek

Elena made that trek from Vegas to New York City

An enterprise running from Wisdom to Comfort

A hieroglyph running & hidden

Just like water treasured within arid geography
Oh that journey of hers, I consider,

Looking out from the grey and green gardens of the Palace,

Surveying the turquoise Agean,

Those serene, wild, mad and connective supremums of waves’ form …

Where story and metaphor permit something real Real, like her soul’s arrival
Becoming beyond: all of ecstacy’s experience, all of life’s wicked enterprise.

Thus her sign breaks the circuit, from the Father of human Code, to the Daughter of divine arrival,

Unbinding and so names it a sea, so names it a stellar assembly.

Elena, you’re this sea, you’re this constellation, and man is an island, and man is the darkness between your stellar assembly.
Positioned here, recalling the waves of your body: which is kind of a tango, not to play upon your lineage

But okay, I’m going to play with your lineage a little: a tango Abrahamic, from here to here, running like water treasured within our arid geography.


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