Love 10.2

Our Information Age is characterised by both a heightened sensitivity to our intersubjective situation and individuation’s convergence with text and language. This age ought to afford many new posibilities for an ethics that acknowledges subject-to-subject communication, nuanced with respect to the linguistics of our journeys and how our journeys are different but bound to each other by and in Love. But this ethics has not appeared. Curiously, we exist in a transitory stage where Love is spoken about, often, but its ethics remains firmly monosubjective, where the voice enunciating its ethics features as the single, suppressed, subject, and the ethical voice addresses the group as an object. This ethics of Love remains a traditional subject-object sign regime. 

Of course, the reason for this conservatism is that our Information Age’s constitution is a diabolical conflagration of intersubjective textual convergence and interobjective physical abnegation. By the latter we mean our age trends towards self objectification, martyrdom of the subject to the object of bibliographic categorization. The Dewey-Decimal system of your Facebook, your Instagram, your whatever-next. Of your Findmyiphone, of your locate your Android. We browse, we’re logged, we talk, we’re logged, we move, we’re logged, we fuck, we’re logged, we breathe, we’re logged: and voluntarily, like we’re tired and done with the secrets, obfuscation, the (Jung) shadows that follow the light … we surrender our subjectivity to universal objecthood under the Order of Zuckerberg. Now, and forevermore, datapoints existing under eternal light, not even the light of a God, some kind of upper Subject: the objectifying light of science. Objects under the Science of Data: at first oh-so-easily falsifiable hypothesis, but surveying surveillance will, very soon, yield real business value. Ultimate valuation. Not the valuative ethics of the past, in which intersubjectivity was suppressed to privilage the monosubjective … but a brave new ultimate ethics … one that holds and abides … over a world with no subjects in it. 

Ain’t that some shit?


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