Love 10.3: Existential Ethics

I hesitate to pair the paradigmatic signifier “existentialism” with that of ethics, as this bind carries all kinds of connotations each of which I do not wish to connote.

Nevertheless, the Existential, in its mathematical sense, as a constructive qualifier over the logical proof that is categorized by Ethics: this is significant. Exists (x). Ethical_Path(x). So simple: and a solution to what concerned us in the previous section. A solution as it plays to the Age of Information, exists as a line of flight out of its misprision of objectivity. 

That is: Exists (x). Ethics(x) … a convergence of the intersubjective and the text (which you know we love) … together with a genuine world of objects, no more subjects, subjects eradicated, subjects … a fetish. The fetish of encapsulation. Because in constructive logic, the existential qualifier hides an object, embeds it one level below in actions recorded but forgotten from the textual enunciation, from the moral law. It is this encapsulation, this hiding … a necessary corollary of any Information System (including the System of our Age into which we inevitably and willing fall) … this hiding, this encapsulation of the object obscured and hidden … from this we encounter the real subject. Disembodied, in the logic of the machine, the real subject, the real body … occurs in individual moments and stories … ironically when qualified mathematically with that existential pronouncement. 


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