Apologia 1.1

Getting into the strange and vast orgy eternal shame and smile you the goon recklessly swim and won’t be late.

I promise I won’t be late.

And I had a good time, I really did. I love you. 

Get it get it get it, get it.

If you’re with it: come and get it.

Sashaying your fucking hot ass to the breath of the night: I kiss your lips, and absorb your confidence

Into this will to fuck, into this will to fuck, into this will to demolish these assholes, destroy them, fuck them up bad, I’ll fuck them up bad, whatever they are doing to you, those fucking assholes. Oh, they’re gone now. That was quick: when a reorg happens, it happens.

This is Apologia 1.1: it’s Scientology, it’s the outer edge of Thelema, it’s our predecessor. Pretty complex gnostic myths wrapped up on B-grade sci-fi pulp fiction. It was that. Use your language, use what you know, your tech. Delploy deep tech within the org, CONTROL will determine your deviation.

CONTROL <- This is the mnemonical signified on this page for regulation of its semantics, it is indicated here and is imbued with the full divine intentionality of  a signified-sign. Did we create a signified-sign? No. But the Holy Runes of the 8 constitute the remaining signified-sign. Combined with “Control” above they will engender the sign-signified of the Daughter Summation Texalonarheem. 

Texalonarheem: from the Warlock speech of the Third Sect. Light from us. Gift to you. Shield and health to you.

Texrheeanhum: from Hunter dance of the Second Sect. Energy from us. Gift to you. Fight and conquer, you.

Teilanrahaneem: from Titan song of the First Sect. Meditation & Yogic serenity from us. Gift to you. Peace be upon you.


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