Apologia 1.2

Narrative: the author wanders into 4 realities, and we’re not sure if thise realities are of his authoriship, or if they’re done with him, or if he’s a fiction himself, or if he is A.L.L.A.H. Or whatever. So we find him with 1, and there is birth and creativity and music and love and charm and history and perfection. So we find him with 2, and there is nobility and anxiety and sex and intoxication. So we find him with 3, who is earth and conjunction and natural and loyal and grounded in devotion and sympathy. So with friend him with 4, who is unspoken, who wanders inside and out, who is hopeless, yet who tells him he is special, and who waits for him to say she is special too.

Narrative: the meta-author understands the above narrative and argues to the Jury of Ages that such a metaphor, the 4 girl complex, should be granted its own mythology in the collective unsconscious of mankind.

“Now Greg,” for that was the meta-author’s name, “your argument for the 4 girl complex to be admitted into the constellations, as equal to Orion, the Scorpio, the Lion itself?”

“I admit the narrative is new, a mere 1500 years old or so: but it is succinct and won many academy awards, It is the closest means of approximating the Type Theory of the Self. It is our greatest hope for the continuation of Freudian thought in EMEA. But we need to embed it within the actual collective unconscious, beyond mere POCs, in order to any narrative drawn over that lovely complex to be resonant in the being of the viewer. Some messages are stronger, some are weaker. What makes them strongest is their relationship to Mother/Father/Son/Daughter. Kabbalah (Apologia 1.1) has set in with the Earlyh 21st century mind. Yet we need to take it into Cyborg-hadith territory (Apologia 1.2) and materialize through pure will the nuances of the 4 girl problem. And the nuances of its solution: which we will understand only itun Apoligia 1.3.


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