Apologia 2.0

Regret, feeling bad about a mistake one has made: summing up and identifying a painful chain of causality post event … It’s something we all do, and, long after the event regretted itself, regret may return to haunt us, like the opposite of nostalgia. I had a terrible time as a teen, girls hated me, I was awkward and had bad hair and skin, there was that one time I completely embarrassed myself in class and everyone laughed at me … And I’m in my forties now!

I think it’s fair to say my approach to regret has been, perhaps similar to yours (?), to let time heal old wounds. At some point it fades. Things that you were mortified by, and continued to be … at some point become funny stories about some other person, some other you. Time is possessed with the capability to utilize the objectification that is, no doubt, inherent within the situation of regret itself and enhance it into … a secondary narrative divorced from the current protagonist-self. What’s the most embarassing thing that’s has every happened to you? Oh I’ll tell you a story, because … it really wasn’t me.

In this way, regret has the means to escape within the very objectifying bars inherent to its comportment to the self in ill decision.


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