Apologia 2.1

And I suppose I should admit. It’s cold and dark and I don’t know the reason, and I don’t know the why, and I don’t know anything about myself, even if that exists, yet still any other in the world.

Yet I do know these things exist. Reason. Why. Know. Anything. Myself. Exists. Other. 


But 2 is about the emotion of love. So easy, as we have done so far, to neglect the emotional.

What is emotion: a state of mind. Yet the term has a bodily component. 

‘Doctor, I’m afraid. I cannot sleep and at times I cannot control my emotions.’

I cannot control. As they say. ‘I’ and ‘control’ are terms, if not yet substantiated, at least to designate the owner, the domiurge.

And so the term, emotion, becomes subject to this. 


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