Love 12.1: Anxiety and sex and power and all that good stuff ..

The headline was just to get you to read what I’m writing, Anxiety-love I ought to clarify. I’ve used, after John! The maxim that god is love. And it’s a better term now than ever before, so overused in the media, so underused in ritualized morality.

What is love and it’s an anxiety? It is science, always in the middle. Study and reflection that will never I’ll. Then what lies to the east? Failure: hear lies the end state if your anxiety, its realization. Failure … to love. But you know, this card might not be so bad. Perhaps you live a long and distinguished life and, in your Ninty fifth … your pass your last breath abd you will say …

I have has a beautiful life. Married a beautiful girl. We have two beautiful daughters. Am I anxious about that record. It is, verily, the most precious of my world.

And yet I remain anxious. I miss Asel, back in Rome with the girls. 

The battke was over almost as fast as it began. I wish we had the wrk ache and the ability to reach  code to make this xxzicda Fucking.  Change the world. Rather than change the world, the world simply changed, physically and economically, and culturally. None of the stuff I am ruminating in would be recognized in a me 30 years ago. 

‘Daddy did you get my iPhone’s sceen fixed. I can’t survive on this iPad, I can’t work it,’ she said, half out of breath from her hockey game.

‘No yet, I need one more day, sorry darling,’ Dad said, putting down his satchet and arranging his probably too Italian for his age jacket on a coat hanger. ‘I mean, I looked at the options. The broken 6s will hysterical 140, while a new 8 will be about 10 pounds more.’ He was obviously trying to teach a subtle lesson regarding the Idea that we still retain translators ….


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