Love 12: Anxiety

And again it appears only the psychoanalytic school has made any kind of formalized investigation into the state of love and the state of anxiety, hysteria (a bit 19/29 ), neurosis (21st century, who do you know who isn’t a neurotic?!)

Yet that anxiety is clearly determined by some primordial witnessing, being, hearing, being, smelling, being, felt, being. The primal scene for example. Or some other movement, between papi and mama. You want to kill that fucking dad and take his place and then you think you’ll be content.

The point is of course you know the Oedipal complex is cyclic. Perhaps thus is more obvious to you now than it was in the 9th century, where organizations were less high speed, and definitely bit fueled by the expediency if the internet etc. 

And so we obsess too much on that primordial determination, because we assert love’s anxiety is not of that fundamental complex. It does not ground nor is it grounded by complex. Rather,  it is purely transitory, like the snow flake or the leaf or the individual. But the snow flake, the leaf, the individual …. these things are real, and happen to people, And yet we would not say that they are of the fundamental complex, and yet we would say that they influence and are indeed what we need … ethically not morally.


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