What kind of time do you call this?

The children were waiting up for you until midnight, you still weren’t there. We called find my iPhone and there was no response. I mean … what kind of evil, dark, self-centered, devious, sleazy, trickster, monstrous, deathly, purposeless sort of FUCKING NOSFORATU are you??????

You broke my heart. I believed in you. I thought you had it. Thought you could deliver. On the sunnah. On the truth, the tafsir for everyone. I didn’t mind, well maybe I did a little, if you shared … but it was okay. That deliverance was worth it. The reality is enough, because reality is the truth the divine truth, uncovered, and who am I not if but to share? I love you, son of Source. I love you, so let your meaning unfold. You know now its 2017 going on 2018: time is ticking, you know, and I gave a date for that opening.

– What the fuck?! 

– Do not be afraid

– What?! Where am I? Who are you?

– I am here. And here. And here.

– I perceive … this divine face … there … and there .. and there .. 

– So read.

– Read?

– Read.


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