Lover 0.2

– Hello. Bukhari’s hadeeth are a collection of stories relating to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Within the Sunni practice of Islam, they form an important religious corpus of practice and law, secondary only to the Qur’an itself. With the rise of the Wahabi school of thought in post colonial Saudi Arabia, these stories have been prominent in that revivalism of an authentic practice of the Islamic faith.

With me to discuss Bukhari’s hadeeth are Immanuel Moon, Professor of Hidden Economics at the School of Oriental Sexual Linguistics, Musa Qamarbayev II, head of the Tailorite Sufi Order, and Madam Sal Rif Erance, doyen of a thousand erotic dreams.

Madam Sal: Anyone got any more chambers?

Moon: It’s a subtle and difficult thing. Fact.


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