Shin Aluinis Gabralai

Shin Alunis Gabralalai!

The celebrants dance through the streets, beating upon their drums, in praise of their gods. Painted and high on their despicable inhalant knowledge … Noisy! I’m trying to sleep, when I have my meeting with Earth HQ tomorrow. Gah, I wish I had double glazing, I mean for fuck’s sake it’s the 31st century and still double glazing isn’t a given. Well, it’s a corporate apartment, just another month, then we get to move into our own place, our own space in Aris-2-Art.

A space we’ll make our own, quickly. Maybe to settle. Contract for him and me, it’s open ended. I wanted to get away, I guess. Break up our routine … maybe … it’s what my therapist says anyway. It seemed so route, him with his rising stardom within the Corporation, me with my “hobby” at in the Institute. I mean, it’s my mother’s money, that brought us here, took him from that opportunity, he really does love me, that he’d do that, give that up, to follow me and my mother’s money, when over there … well, he’d never make it but he’d be “adequately proactive”, as my sweet Nanny X would say. Oh god, now I’m remembering when mother fired her. I was devastated: Nanny X was my only sympathetic, truly maternal figure in childhood. Forgive me, I’m drunk. I’m getting emotional and incoherent.

“No. Don’t say that. Your stories are beautiful, because they’re from you, and you are beautiful. Go on.”

I don’t know. Well here we are, in Aris-2. Art. Don’t you think they’ve started giving the colonies really weird postfixes of late? I mean, Art is okay for this planet. But Ghenhennon Shri-Rank-B-Boy? So classically obscure. Anyway. Ok.



“You know what I think?”


“You’re reflecting upon your move to Aris, feeling guilty about making him compromise, which is, admit it, what you wanted … and then immediately hooking up with me. Who in turn was planning to take his family back to HQ. Our stellar journeys interlocked, when it should have been separate journeys all the way.”

You said you’ve had many other relationships, that this has happened before.

“Yes. But not like this. This is something … new.”

When I sober up I’m going to find that last statement so offensive and frustrating. And you won’t even know why. I can’t believe I’ve fallen in love with a Tailorite. My mother would be appalled. And my shrink would be appalled that I’m appalled at the thought of my mother being appalled. Oh my god, I’m such a hot mess.

“Come here. Ok, look up at the sky. You were born on earth, just like the rest of us, not like my kids. You’re still first generation, even though we make a thing about our age difference. Look at the stars. Earth constellations, Scorpio, Leo, Orion, the northern star … ”

You’re right. They’re gone. They’re all gone!

“No. Listen to me. They’re not gone. They’re still there. Same stars, same distances, same configuration. Just a different perspective. And that’s what we are. A different perspective.”

Fuck you. Don’t try to fucking weasel your way out of this with some kind of metaphysical bullshit!

Shin Alunis Gabralalai!

“Well that hurts. Hey, why don’t we join the celebrants. Shin Alunis Gabralalai! Womb Planet/Word Rejoice/Intent/Emerge! Is the translation.”

How did you find the time to learn all this shit? Well, okay, I guess I could do with some fresh air and a drink. Let’s go then.


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