Shin Aluinis Gabralai 4

The B-Droids took their places within their respective booths and the bass line cranked up deep like heavy duty machinery. The middle aged scoober ravers began to contort, shiver and wild, old skool style, in unison, the K-Bhang really kicking in now. It was for him too, suddenly feeling down with this scene, like the audience were his brethren and sisterhood, like he was back down with his tribe. Like 20 years hadn’t passed, back Ballarding on Earth.

As if to confirm this euphoric vagary, “Scoober forever!” A balding middle manager next to him in day glo woad blew his whistle ear piercingly loud, whooped and embraced him.

The crowd grew increasingly frenetic but immediately froze, along with the beat, as the Antonym materialized a cloud of black and sparkles at the centre of the stage.

The the first telepathic wave of rhyme hit them, harder than the typhoons of Titan.

i spit it and spit it

lyrics of light and posture they hate

universal down store me what be

tapping nuance known like they’re grown

diamond dewing byways viewing

smiling baby now you’re home

its we’re searing by few being

gallery walk pick a path

into rebirth into remorse

now you reverse

what canonic core what ancient law

believe me man believe me god

proud and proven picture long drawn

baby child then teen

in the mirror you fiend

by the brothers of being

we the kings of seen

babe child then teen

in the mirror you fiend

by the brothers of being

we the kings of seeing

bare witness to the truth my god my

shiva-shakti party in denourment oh boy right oh

it’s a slow go for sure

hard line they want it more bro

yeah baby back it oh

yeah sally stack it oh

it’s your daddy with the good stuff love

“I found the first few pages engaging, but it gets very abbreviated and sci fi terminology after a while,” she said.

“Well, obviously, it’s just a draft. Think of this as like a JJ Abrams sequel to the R.C.,” he said, a tad defensively. “It’s set 1000 years after the events of the R.C., in a world where humanity has expanded to the stars. Like Dune, there’s been 3 major interplanetary religious wars that have shaped their society, Crusades to Herbert’s Butlerian Jihad. But the reason for these Crusades stems from the theology of the R.C.: the schism between the SEEN and the Tailorites.”

“Okay, but it just seems a little like what you wrote before … you know, the male and female conversation. It’s basically what you were trying to write, but set in space, kind of.”

“Bah, well I haven’t finished it yet. Just a draft. I guess I didn’t show you drafts of the R.C., you’ll see the point later, when I flesh it out.”

He felt a little defensive but only because he recognized he ought to be: it had been 9 years since he’d actually completed something. In between lay a trail of aborted attempts to get something coherent down on paper.


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