The Mechanicals Enter the Stage: “Infinity is Just a Concept”

like a chariot about to reign

over 53 separate sabbath gain

like a sage wiser by the light of higher power

imma liking this here dope beat writer

feeling lighter by the might of

a sonic dose seismic pose

getting higher

and higher

out of sight her

booty reject the booty until our body infinity sally dee hour

I’m that line of light running back home to you

fragmented reality me in praise of you

cause i adore and want more: appetite

gnosis dead sea sushi for the menu: into sight

defined temple of the architecture

sensual measure

intimate elate inner sinner you beginner you fucking winner

body inject left and right finite sally dee-light

infinity is just a concept …. darling

now you’re wearing those fearful stylings

you really know how to dig deep in me

you really know how a nice girl should be

you want azure ocean mythic function

banish my totem in to the long gone

designing maze

purple haze

to bow down and praise

my sunny hailing rally up in the male gaze

prophecy died in kiribati arba

It’s a mystery mine bound by Q B LAH

over demonic here hath no dominon

ontological framework she twerk and try to kill him

intoxicant extrovert godly pervert

liken to strange rules of regular dime street

with vile rulesof your east and hood

viral story of the city hand stayed by good

they want it darker say i’m the many father

say my name be my soul flame


imma blame, tho everybody still know

the C B B-Boy is raw

hard core

running theme on

gun screen won

it’s my theme song

living that danger

human nature

i’m impatient

yet i’m demure

yet i’m a new

yet i’m taming into azure

loving fractures

met you match yeah

in this

soul flame


life or death language game.

runic rahman steadies ship still with them



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