Chakra Busta



chakra busta youuuuu must-have seen it coming son?

sparking hoops and hoo those honeyed hips is bomb.

highly likely that this rhyme be of a higher plane

supremely likely that finesse finale to this game.


breaking down

the moral im-perative


it’s that fine line lemma

what’s said and unsaid

by the bully in the base-ment …

little voice in your head

story of the living and the dead

living life like an angel/demon

selling dope to the people we are

liken to believer liken to deceiver

liken to that heathen wreath upon the battle we won.

eastern mystic you my whirling dervish

western seeker i’m a line that went left

balloon effect of the cosmic defence

mandala maketh mean message more we send.

a bigger bang thrown to what’s known

a bigger zone overthrow and explode

you inquire now as to my power girl?

you desire the hour of sight yeah girl?


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