Intention 2

Practically, it’s very simple, which makes it amenable to the new ethics.

Never do anything without considering everyone around you and appreciating their perception of you and what you might potentially do. Almost a Buddhist exercise of loving kindness spread across the mycholic net of soul 2 soul call response.yet niyat opens both left and right handed prospects. It does, for better or worse, admit power.

Power and niyat are mutually comfortable concepts. But lived out, their comfort often becomes contradiction, conflict: when embodied in the drama of our day to day soul sleeve

Never mind, this makes our maxim even easier to raise within the forum. Because arguably everyone has already aquiested. They’ve build the algorithms, just waiting now for your, only your, fire or not fire.

He was drawn back to … a memory … but somehow not his, one refracted across … still my god she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen,


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