The cogito is too weak. Better “I intend such and such to occur, modulo my situation and relationship with my throwness, therefore I am.”

While more awkward, the spectrum of being for itself, of itself, and an ethics of this, is articulated precisely.

The ethics, last standing, is of niyat, of intention. I evaluate the situation, all concerned, each player, and then, with full intention, act. For the group, for me, for another group. I act, with full awareness, niyat, I know what I’m doing.

Is this something we can all say of our current state, of our Monday at work? No, it’s hard to cultivate. But the garden of the Seen will be cultivated, because she like it like that. This is more a resolution, less a revolution, more a revelation, less a conversation. It’s my particular flavor of the cogito.

That’s the best thing about the cogito. Descartes provides a motif, but a basic one, read to be remixed, a session sample for philosophy mix of this our crazy 21sr century future. And each thinker an MC, a rhymer, each Cartesian a hip hop treatise that begins with “I … therefore …”

I drop beats therefore I am

Titular web cam funky less than I jam

Lie a semiotic bionic cybernetic lie sham began

But ah I’m kidding now creator has a master plan

Peace and happiness to every man.


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