The poet, spotlighted now, within this blues rock entheogenic British speech. This peculiar mashup, connected and fully realised not too long ago, but now deployed, oh so publically. The band were never to forsook their Eastern Thememite roots. They entered the Abraxas opening during phase 1 after all, so respect.

The detective stood in the stalls. Surveyed the audience, grooving to Lead Singer Desmond Morris, slinking his way across the stage, channeling his demonic in whoops and wails, while all the way the rhythm was kept New Orleans, raw perception of the south, of creole kisses and jambalaya jive indulgence. Image. Image 2, provenance old earth.

Attractive to the kids in the way a Long lost sculpture Hhhhhor minor civil servants mummy might be perceived on a trip to the British museum.

Morris was getting old, his audience 40 somethings. And his new albums were only played in IBC 2. Fuck, it had been 14 years since the Rainbow Connection disbanded and he we went solo. He’d poured his heart and soul into the latest but … seemed like not enough. Not the innovation of his maxim polyphony, the technique behind his most dark and autobiographic lines. Instead they played him by default because The Raibow connection was remembered by lots. Lots of 40 year old former racers.

But rival is a funny thing, It was one generation past his kids”, when he understood his power was actually as a real producer,

“Damn. That track … ”

“Right. Listen. Listen carefully to what you sing, now. Because that was your secret exam

She waited a moment, How did Monya know of her secret, Her knowledge of soul was so,etching they’d have to tear, neuron connection to neuron sympathy, on ev


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