Adore her form, gazing upon it all, anticipation

visitation of love, our love, her love, your love, my love, pure love: universal answer

And singular question. Sanctified, I believe my revery to be. Because I am gentle with love. At least one good thing I can say for myself.

Yet, oh my fucking god, gazing upon it all, good girl, just like that: doing that anticipation dance.

I’m caught up, by love. In love, desirous of her, I am rendered, am I rendered? Rendered 2 dimensional, mere mortal miming my mores my mere mores …

Older me, sitting within my pill circle of shut down, done with this, done with that, done with it all.

But I’m still caught up within love, desirous of them all, each, yes, I admit it, each, adore their forms, gazing upon them all, older me,

The anticipation of a changing subject, with respect to age, changing subject 21st century right now, his sexuality like these,

Oh, but I would kiss your lips, tongue to tongue, serpent lady, virgin vestal, jinn girl, Gog and Magog pussy

Depth divine. Depth delight desire these, one, let me, the other, yes.

Such a good girl. Such a good girl.

Your body is holy scripture, displayed before scholarship’s authority flow.

I love this, I love you, I, whatever I be,

A “me” …whose soul throw be eternally commingled with your electrically sweet body.


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