Statement of belief 2013

Long time no capture on your immanent plane!

The Friends of Design’s new work, “The Divisions of Love” is almost ready for worldwide release courtesy of Fernmind Unilectic Press. For those who remember your love, I offer the following (free, fully downloadable) preview — the entire album and cover art with lyrics.

This work succinctly presents my relationship to God (and religious practice) better than any more academic theology could, and, as an act of art, avoids the tangled info-bio-karmic web that often results.

The love’s sweeter than wine,

The Tailor






Three rivers

(Draft song)

3 rivers on this scene
connect inferno

by the weighty judgement think
full fernmind flow

shown the light by heaven’s choice
inside your disco

land arousal persevere
occulted fusion

when the sun shines down on you
when creatures arise
when ancestral voice within you sounds
and speaks your holy lie

the lady at the gateway’s mouth
she’s holds the ancient sign
breathe her body in and out
totem of the mind

Before and after

Before there was an Allah, there were her lips, breathing that tantalizing takbir,
Before Medina’s boundaries were mapped, before the Cube’s dimension defined, there was her body, whose definition aroused desire, desire manifest as mapping.
And before there was jihad, and before the myth of Eden, and before the creation,
There was a universe of sex, the victory of recognition, the oblivion of need,
The first movement, 20 and 1.

And after the war is lost, and after Divine sharia forgot,
after the boundaries of Medina erode and the dimensions of the Cube are denied
So that all that remains is her face: those lips, who continue to assert affirmation, deeper, sterner revelations flow freely, now the veil of our understanding is abandoned.
The flash of dark Asiatic recognition remains, the victory and oblivion of need,
The 10th movement, 30 and 1.

The economics of sex and interpretation, of contracts and religions: all the way, throughout,
My underlying, my Kazakh gold, my diamond, my currency, my sweetest speculation!
I would decorate you with the profit of my meditation:
Universes born and die, Adams and Eves repeat and repeat,
But throughout the cycles of movement, the shahada is whispered, the truth of our matter and mind.

There is no love but our love
and this night is its slave and deliverer.

Sun Inscription

A little draft ditty I’m preparing for the Friends of Design. Unfortunately as its a draft you have to put up with my ugly monotone.

sun inscription
give up all sanction to me

life’s addiction
seen in through power of three

my relation freedom aligned sacrosanct
eternal repose

while the currency of fiction’s within bank
it’s the lady who knows

byways and highways
from the rivers into sea

here in the temple
first flesh emerge skull then you see

my sign’s a freedom aligned to the word
still a pharoah’s repose

while the wheat of fiction operates in orb
it’s the lady who knows

moon religion
yield body’s sanction to me

design precision
a diction that floweth from thee

my relation freedom aligned sacrosanct
a diamond repose

while the currency of fiction’s within bank
it’s the lady who knows

The Friends of Design Cover Desmond and the RC

Performed at Richmix’s Numbi on the 17th of September 2011, an event coordinated by Kudu Arts ( The Friends of Design are a unit within the Verandah Vanguard and Other Asias (, distributed by Fernmind Unilectic Press (

To really understand the meaning of these lyrics (and the essence of this blog), you must buy a copy of the Rainbow Connection.