The Mathematics off Intent (7)

Let me simplify. The philosophy of math is a constructed corollary of the argument for subjecthood’s privilege as a reality. But reality, math, the subject: I situate these linguistically, mathematically, my irony of objective deconstruction.

Mathematics has a linguistic geology, a linguistic situation upon the geology of significations, meanings, regimes of words. Within these cathedrals of code, these dominions of difference, these regimes of vision, mathematics has a dual character: that of the numerologist, a hidden mathematics to be revered for its secrets, and that of the accountant, a visible mathematics to run the city, to drive the practical seen economics of the everyday. What might surprise you is that these characteristics are in dialectic with one another, and could not exist in isolation. Like symbionts, they’ve always been the nature of our mathematical situation, as each cathedral of code, each dominion of difference, each regime of vision draws to a close and gives birth to the next cathedral/dominion/regime, by means of the line of light. And the line will draw, will empower and exploit, it will be funded by means of number, in both its visible and invisible aspects.



At first I was scared. Then I was beyond scared, I lost it, lost my grip. I thought they was a bunch of gangstas, at first. Something to with the Carbon League. Don’t like my kind, seen some of the brethren at the Church even wearing the armbands and making those damn salutes and all but I never gave it a second thought. People be assholes anyway, but still here in Aris City we still keep it civil, you know?

Stomp. Stomp. WHAP! STOMP. I froze. Right behind me, getting louder. STOMP STOMP STOMP. I turned, there was a whole pack of them, all in black armor, LikeBattle, Camo-Urban, all that designer b boy shit.

“Yo fellas, I ain’t a trick. Just walking home from Church, I a Church girl, see … sister.” I called back to them, hiding the nervousness subroutine banging in my head, I emitted an Empathy Radius across the gang. Oh, ya’ll don’t know what an Empathy Radius is? It’s this protective shield we G-Droids have installed? I mean, it’s designed to grant pleasure on an owner but it also kicks in as a defense mechanism. Makes you feel humanity, intense like, humanity in all. Human enough for the league to take me as another carbon.

“Carbon Carrier Clan!” I shouted and gave the disgusting Nazi salute.

The gang did not respond. Instead they upped their pace toward her. STOMPSTOMPSTOMPSTOMP!

That’s when she lost it. And just ran.

They fired.


He pulled her into an Coms enclave just moments before the troops stormed through the corridor. Mae’s heart was pounding.

“What the fuck was that? And who the fuck are you?”

“They’re imperial agents. Out to get you. I’m your only hope of survival right now, so when I say any other explanations can wait till you’re safe, you probably ought to listen. Come.”

He hacked the console of the enclave like a simple log in. Teletransported them right out of the citidal.

“You just took us out. Out! No one leaves Home.”

“We just did.”

“No,” a different panic took over her body. “No. You don’t understand. I’m a droid. I cannot be outside. They’ll shut me down.”

“Oh really, how they do that?”

“Are you stupid? Take me back, they’ll shut me down.”

“They won’t shut you down, don’t worry Maisy. You’re not a droid. You’re human, as human as me or anyone else.”

The wound. It was bleeding out. She was bleeding. How could she be bleeding? Maisy passed out.


She awoke in what looked like a north counties cottage, the kind of place they made historical vids about, E.M. Foster shit. She removed the knitted shawl and saw her wound had been treated, the skin discolored but the blood gone.

“How – ?”

“How did you bleed? How’d we escape? How’d we get here? Good questions, deserve an answer. You bled because, like the rest of us, you bleed. They’re after you because of a relationship they know you were implicated in — with the Brigider. We escaped because I know how. Because – ”

“Because you’re a Deviant. I know, Metaphysical Law is in my programming.” The best legal theological education, implanted within her: surprisingly useful and also in demand from a Geisha Droid. The way this man carried himself, the speed with. Which he could manipulate the nexus, the Coms, only someone with a real handle on the Coms should be.

“Hey, I like you. You’re smart.” He looked up from his cube and and paused to look her in the eye. “Yes, that’s what I am. Drink.”

He poured her a glass of water.

The water was crisp, pure. From the earth, not the endlessly recycled commodity of the desert realm. Real water, like that of the Arctic Edge. The water turned to wine, as she swallowed.

The Mathematics of Intent (5)

The mythopoetic nature of what was written before should be clear: Peano Arithmetic, read as individual-Reality genesis/Cogito. A crisper genesis has never been related.

But what was the point of what I just wrote? That the Cartesian subject, in extremis, is not a circularity of signification devoid of human intent, but is, in fact, the human intent within the purest, most circular signification ever: the very mathematics that grounds our reality. Mathematics is, after all, a tool, like any other. But one that gives birth to foundation, and to grounding, and to reality.

Chakra Busta



chakra busta youuuuu must-have seen it coming son?

sparking hoops and hoo those honeyed hips is bomb.

highly likely that this rhyme be of a higher plane

supremely likely that finesse finale to this game.


breaking down

the moral im-perative


it’s that fine line lemma

what’s said and unsaid

by the bully in the base-ment …

little voice in your head

story of the living and the dead

living life like an angel/demon

selling dope to the people we are

liken to believer liken to deceiver

liken to that heathen wreath upon the battle we won.

eastern mystic you my whirling dervish

western seeker i’m a line that went left

balloon effect of the cosmic defence

mandala maketh mean message more we send.

a bigger bang thrown to what’s known

a bigger zone overthrow and explode

you inquire now as to my power girl?

you desire the hour of sight yeah girl?

That Friendly Haze

you the tzar

boom boom black star

into heaven

it who we are

you never went

into it

be aware

you never hit

lying it

began there

super sampling and you’re ramping it

up and under and over and out

shivana sex death life more abject

feed trax   into your mouth

country clad in siri-bam-function

duly noted directional mention

studied like imperial notion

harken to her hysterical motion

all right

all right

this tight

all night

all right

all right

this tight

all night

i was feeling on the bass

when i came to:

the de-sign blaze

that rocked you girl

shoulda known

it when i saw it

that de-sign blaze

that friendly haze

bounty had like Antoine Doinel

saw it through like shattered shard shell

download veil

delicately impale



baby can i ring your bell



Be bounty to dream stuff

this rhyming be the death of us

this knowledge be the life arest

this knowledge be the strife in us

so knowledge so it seem

2 and 3 and holy intellect beat

so knowledge so it seem

2 and 3 and holy intellect beat


The Mechanicals Enter the Stage: “Infinity is Just a Concept”

like a chariot about to reign

over 53 separate sabbath gain

like a sage wiser by the light of higher power

imma liking this here dope beat writer

feeling lighter by the might of

a sonic dose seismic pose

getting higher

and higher

out of sight her

booty reject the booty until our body infinity sally dee hour

I’m that line of light running back home to you

fragmented reality me in praise of you

cause i adore and want more: appetite

gnosis dead sea sushi for the menu: into sight

defined temple of the architecture

sensual measure

intimate elate inner sinner you beginner you fucking winner

body inject left and right finite sally dee-light

infinity is just a concept …. darling

now you’re wearing those fearful stylings

you really know how to dig deep in me

you really know how a nice girl should be

you want azure ocean mythic function

banish my totem in to the long gone

designing maze

purple haze

to bow down and praise

my sunny hailing rally up in the male gaze

prophecy died in kiribati arba

It’s a mystery mine bound by Q B LAH

over demonic here hath no dominon

ontological framework she twerk and try to kill him

intoxicant extrovert godly pervert

liken to strange rules of regular dime street

with vile rulesof your east and hood

viral story of the city hand stayed by good

they want it darker say i’m the many father

say my name be my soul flame


imma blame, tho everybody still know

the C B B-Boy is raw

hard core

running theme on

gun screen won

it’s my theme song

living that danger

human nature

i’m impatient

yet i’m demure

yet i’m a new

yet i’m taming into azure

loving fractures

met you match yeah

in this

soul flame


life or death language game.

runic rahman steadies ship still with them