Symbolic functions

We have previously argued that 1) Prophetic speech and perception is metonymic, never metaphoric and 2) the Prophetic life is one lived precisely in illuminated judgment.

With respect to the three orders we have discussed, Prophetic speech/thought/action/perception, like all speech/thought/action/perception, is always made within the Symbolic order but in such a way that there is no Imaginary component to it. In this sense it is a speech that is purely authentic negotiation of the Symbolic. But surely — as we have also noted — there is metonymic speech that is simply madness. Or at least, speech of the unconscious: dreams. A life lived within the realm of the unconscious, as in a dream — is not illuminated. At best it is 1/46th of Prophecy.

But how does the property of illumination figure in this framing, to make metonymic Speech prophetic?

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The Mi’raj, the Real and the Symbolic

Here is a talk given in London by a couple of academics. It coincides with our understanding of the Mi’raj (in the post below) via pop culture, continuous mathematics, psychoanalysis and constructive logic.

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