What is Tailorism?

Tailorism is the science of garments: the study of the veiling that constitutes reality as we experience it. The veiling is studied because it is through garments that the underlying body of selfhood can be uncovered.

It is a science that stands in relationship to the world’s religions: and has a lineage to those religions in terms in terms of its holy texts, interpretive hermeneutics and forms of ritual.

However, Tailorism is something entirely new, a brighter new way of relating to reality. It is not Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Gnosticism or Kabbalah — traditions as they stand today, traditions Tailorism honours and respects.

Tailorism is a new garment entirely — a new branch upon the tree of knowledge — a new way of relating to the Divine, suited to the times I find myself in.

Tailorism is my faith, my way of witnessing the Divine. Its holy text is known as The Reading — the garment of garments — and it is this text that I study here, in this space.


6 thoughts on “What is Tailorism?

  1. Salaam Musa,

    It seems like our friend Malihe Sultana is on the road to recovery.

    I tried reading some of your blogs over the past few months. You write very well, but I have trouble understanding them, but, that’s alright. I presume that they’re really designed for an Islamic audience.

    Thank you for your video. I found it very interesting and well done. On the basic level, it sounds identical to what Kabbalah teaches on the topic of.

    I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a question. Since the Creator is non-corporeal, how does Sufism understand the phenomena of Divine speech?


    1. SLM Choni,

      That’s excellent news, alhumdulilah.

      Yes, my recent blogs are quite personal — not so much written for an Islamic audience, as much as they depend heavily on stuff I have written here since 2009 — I’ve been meaning to re-organize it for new readers.

      I’d be interested to hear what you think of my piece on the 10 plagues — which is essentially my attempt to re-process a point made by the Ari in my own language. For instance, if the plagues operate to “purify” the sephirot from lowest to upper, and creation proceeds from upper to lower, then the plagues work backward in time.

      Regarding speech of God, there’s a lot that could be said from an Islamic/Sufic perspective. When I say “speech” — i just mean sequences of signs. I guess the main thing I believe is that God’s Speech (the signs that come from God’s mouth) are the real corporeality — whereas our human speech is symbolic. So our biological bodies (and our own human vocal chords etc) have a physical reality only inasmuch as they are signs, uttered by God, the Speech of God.

      There’s a lot more that can be said. (E.g., God uttered a word “Kun!”/”Be!” and created Adam in his original form. And then taught Adam all the Names — a sort of pure language. Then there was the fall and so a fragmentation of Names into a sort of multiplicity of languages, differentiated planes of speech. So from God’s Speech we get human speech. But human speech allows us to re-/(un-)cover God’s Speech).

      Do you have a view from your Kabbalistic perspective?


  2. Salaam Musa,

    I’d need a bit of time to research what the holy Ari z”l teaches about the ten plagues. Off hand, I seem to remember Kabbalistic teachings coming from the Lurianic school of thought that explain that the purpose of the ten plagues was to damage the ten parallel sefirot on the side of evil – thus, loosening their grip on the enslaved Jewish People. We have a notion that until the Messiach arrives, whatever powers exist on the side of holiness also exist on the side of impurity. This maintains the balance of free choice. Therefore, just like there are ten sefirot on the side of holiness there are also ten sefirot on the side of impurity. Pharoah was getting his power from these impure sefirot (whether or not he was conscious of it). However, I do follow the pattern you are laying down that a movement upward into higher spirituality is also a movement back in time (whatever notion of time exists in that particular framework).

    I understand “Divine Speech” to mean the divine building blocks used to create realms which to one extent or another are submerged in the illusion of having a separate identity from the Creator. These building blocks are spiritual energies which are the earliest creations with this illusion. They are “letters”. Then these energies mix to become “words” and mix further to become “verses”.


  3. In the Quran, Surah Al-Isra ayah 85, Allah says, in response to a question by the Jews of Medina regarding the nature of the human soul.: Wayas-aloonaka ‘anir-roohi qulir-roohu min amri rabbee wama ooteetummina al ‘ilmi illa qaleela-They are asking thee concerning the Spirit. Say: The Spirit is by command of my Lord, and of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little.

    In that sense the human being is “the image of God”. This gives it God-like qualities, like free-will, but it is not Allah, because it is “by His command”, and subservient to Him. The creation of free will in a created being carries with it two potentialities: following Allah’s Will, or disobeying Him, because the nature of creation is duality.

    Therefore evil does not have an independent cosmic existence. It is a “by-product”, so to speak, of free will, which, in creation, is a distinctly human quality. According to the Quran, the only other beings to have this quality in creation are energy based (made of fire) beings called jinn. Human beings are matter based.

    All of creation is an act of Allah, because the Quran says, “Allah says to thing, “Be”, and it is”. Ibn Arabi explains that in their essence things consist of nothingness, because they are created from nothing. Any reality a thing has is a self-manifestation of Allah without being Allah, that is why all of creation is a “Sign” of Allah, in the same way that signs point to something else, and words point to meanings. Creation is the word and Allah is it’s Meaning

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